The History Of Easter – The Dates, Symbols And Importance

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Easter is known as “the oldest and important festival of the Christian Church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus”. The history of Easter is of great significance, especially for Christians. Christians celebrate this event between March 21 and April 25 in the Western Church on the first Sunday right after the full moon of the month.

History of Easter

The word Easter is derived from the Anglo-Saxon for April, Eostermunath. In accordance with Saxon scholar known as Bede, Easter was named after goddess “Eostre”.In the past decades, the date of Easter caused controversy among Christians.

Later on, the Nicean Council declared in 325 that Easter must be on the first Sunday right after the Paschal full moon after the Passover of the Spring Equinox. That’s the reason Easter date changes every year.

What is Easter Sunday?

There are many confusions about what is Easter actually. Everyone has a different point of view about Easter. However, the most common belief is that Easter Sunday is a festive event that Christians celebrate worldwide after the full moon.

The festival recalls resurrection of Jesus Christ from death, mentioned in the Christian Holy book i.e. bible. On the Easter Sunday, Christians play with the colorfully accessorized Easter eggs, as well as Easter egg hunts.

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When is Easter 2019?

Easter is related to the date of the full moon; that’s why the date of Easter is not fixed. However,  we celebrate Easter between 22nd March and 25th April.

Many churches are the followers of the Julian calendar. So the Easter can occur between April 4 and May 8 or after the spring equinox.

The interesting thing is that this year in 2019,  the spring equinox and the full Moon are on the same day i.e. Wednesday, 20th of March. The full Moon will be cresting at 9:43 p.m.



You can see on many religious calendars, ‘Paschal full moon’ referring the ‘first full moon of spring’. Hence the Easter Sunday is celebrated after the Paschal Full Moon.

The word ‘Paschal’ means the ecclesiastical calendar, so the Paschal full Moon is the 14th day of a lunar month on the ecclesiastical calendar.

Easter is a festival of peace, joy, and happiness, coming soon. Happy Easter and enjoy this blessing holy week.

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Good Friday


In Christianity, “Friday” is the day when Jesus Christ got killed by crucifixion. That’s the reason, the day is known as Good Friday (good means holy).

On the same day, Christians enjoy eating hot cross buns. In the early 19th century, people used to sell hot cross buns in the streets so it became famous as ‘hot’ cross buns.


History of bunny


Originally, the Easter bunny is a hare, symbolizing fertility in the pagan religion. In this way, they became familiar with Easter hares.


History Of Easter Eggs


In the time of Jesus Passover, Christians didn’t have the permission of eating eggs right before the forty days of Easter. Many people stated that the egg is the symbol of Jesus’s tomb.

In the middle ages, Christians started painting Easter eggs red. As time passed, people began purchasing artificial eggs of different materials as precious Easter gifts.


Symbols Of Easter

What many of you wonder how eggs relate to Easter. Actually, all these Easter eggs and many other things like Easter bunny, white lilies, etc are different symbols in Christianity.
Let’s discuss some of the Easter symbols below.

Easter lily


The white Easter lily is the symbol of honesty and purity. It is a common belief that Easter lilies grew in the Garden of Gethsemane, the place where Jesus cried in the last few hours before betrayal of Judas. Read more about Easter Lily plant growth.


Easter egg


Easter egg represents rebirth and fertility. It symbolizes new life in Christianity and Christ’s empty tomb. Nowadays, Christians paint eggs red to symbolize Christ’s blood and happiness of Resurrection. Click here to make your Easter more fun with our Easter egg hunt ideas.




The lamb is a great Easter symbol because the Bible mentioned Jesus as the “Lamb of God.” The lamb refers to the sacrifice Jesus made when it was Jewish Passover.


Easter Bunny


Easter bunny, demonstrating the rabbit, is a significant symbol of reproduction. It shows new life, fertility and welcomes to spring. The rabbits emerging from their burrows indicate Christ arising from his tomb.

Why do we celebrate Easter?


Being Christians, we make Easter celebration each year for many different reasons. As you know that, two thousand years back, God send Jesus (the son of God) to live an ideal life and die for all of Christians’ sins. But Jesus remained alive and resurrection from death.

We actually celebrate the death of Jesus for our sins as well as his resurrection. Thus many people named  Easter, the Resurrection Sunday. It’s not about why we celebrate the Easter Sunday; it’s about who we celebrate on the day of Easter.

We as Christians celebrate Easter because of Jesus who is the hope of our world and that his death gave us a happy ending for our lives.  Easter reminds us that no one can do amazing things without sacrificing.

Importance of Easter


Easter is important to Christianity because two thousand years back, an event occurred which changed world history.
Whenever you write any date, you will never forget the resurrection of Jesus. The Easter Sunday is the celebration of Jesus’s trial, his death and then his resurrection which proved that he was the son of God.

When our lives are at dark, Jesus is always there to make another way for us. That’s the reason why do we celebrate Easter with eggs as Easter eggs symbolize new life and rebirth.


The Easter Sunday of 2019 is just coming soon. On this festival, ask yourself do you believe that Jesus is the son of God? Do you believe in the resurrection of Jesus? Can Jesus help you when you are in trouble? Do you believe in the resurrection of Jesus? Be blessed on this Easter.

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