Epiphany January 6 | 20 Strange facts About Epiphany Or 3 Kings Day

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Epiphany January 6-Christmas is a famous event, and we all are aware of it but what is epiphany? You might hear this before but don’t know anything about that. Why January 6 is so important for the Christians and they celebrate this day with a holiday? All the hidden secrets behind that day are all going to be revealed. I am here to tell you each and everything about this event, the meaning of epiphany and how is epiphany celebrated. Do you want to comprehend the history behind the three kings day 2019? If so, be there, because all your questions are going to be answered here. Now I am going to show you 20 facts about epiphany which are going to blow your mind. Besides that, I also have some epiphany quotes for you that are much surprising and shocking.

What is Epiphany?

The twelfth day to Christmas or 6 January is celebrated as Epiphany by all the Christian community. Its the end of the Christmas celebration and festive season. The word ” Epiphany ” is a Greek word and meaning of epiphany is to “show” or to “manifest”, it shows the manifestation of the divine. The moment of revealing in front of the public is referred to an epiphany. For Christians, Ephinay is the most important day after Christmas and its purpose is to celebrate the three wise men or three kinds of day. Many churches celebrate the epiphany to remember that great day with a lot of love and respect for the three kings. Do you know the facts about epiphany? No! I am departing to tell you all the facts regarding this event.

what is epiphany ?
Epiphany January 6 and its meaning

20 Strange Facts About Epiphany

What are these three kings? The three kings named Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar, are the famous three Wiseman. Three of them followed the Bethlehem star in the desert to meet the baby, Jesus. They visit Jesus immediately after his birth. These three kings represent Europe, Arabia and Africa. This fact determines that three kings were related to these areas and they meet Jesus.

Roast lamb

Roast lamb is served on 6th January each year at the churches. Its a tradition of the epiphany that every year only roast lamb will be presented to all the people there.

how is epiphany celebrated
The tradition of roast lamb on Epiphany January 6

Rosca de Reyes

Another fact about the epiphany that is quite interesting is the spring of Rosca de Reyes to everyone. Every person is given a single a slice of Rosca de Reyes, one who finds a small statue fo baby Jesus in the slice will throw a party. This tradition shows the fortune, luck and blessing of God on that person so he should have to arrange a party at the Candlemas and celebrate his/ her fate.

meaning of epiphany
Rosca de Reyes for Epiphany January 6

Children Leave Shoes Out

The children in Europe follow a fact that is not that common. The children leave their shoes out of the house a night before epiphany by believing that they will get gifts in the shoes. While there are also some people who keep the straws out of the house for the horses of the three Wiseman, this is somehow the belief of the Christians that Jesus will visit their homes.

Throwing Cross

While there are also some traditions in the Greek Orthodox Church’s, they have a particular culture for that night. The priest of the regarding church bless the water by throwing a cross into it as worshippers try to retrieve it. People believe that this is the holy water. This tradition is repeated each year at the epiphany January 6.

meaning of epiphany
Throwing cross at Epiphany January 6

Sea Diving

A thrilling fact related to epiphany January 6 will blow your mind. In Bulgaria at the Eastern Orthodox church priests throw a cross in the massive sea for making the sea blessed with the blessings of God. And at the same time, men dive into the sea for finding the cross — a competing held over the sea to get to it first. The best swimmers and divers from all over the globe take part in that competition for celebrating Epiphany January 6.

In Venice 

This event has a great hold in various parts of the world like in Venice, a famous regatta that started as a joke in the late 1970s has been incorporated in the celebrations of Epiphany Day for making the splendid and worthy.

Three Kings Swim

The swimmers have massive energy on epiphany January 6. they show their love and respect for the three wise men in many ways In Prague, there is a traditional Three Kings swim to commemorate Epiphany Day at the Vltava River. This swimming ceremony is only for paying tribute to all the kings.

facts about epiphany
A tribute to the three kings by swim

Annual Parade

While in New York, El Museo del Barrio has celebrated and encouraged the Three Kings’ Day tradition with a yearly parade for more than three decades. This parade is held at a higher level, and many things are involved in this parade. Thousands take part in the procession highlighting camels, colourful puppets and floats. Everything is charming and mind-blowing on a great day.

Singing Carols

The common fact about epiphany January 6 are the activities involved commonly. The day’s events include singing holiday carols called aguinaldos. Hence, everyone sing these carols all day with zeal.

facts about epiphany
Singing Carols at the Epiphany January 6 in curch

Who is Magi?

The question about who is Magi is unknown to most of you. In the related origins, the concept of Magi (mágoi) encompasses a broad range of objects, from the specifically accurate to the wholly invalidating.

  • In all the aspects, to the head of the four principal aims, Magi are known to be arms of the Persian priestly caste.
  • In Hellenistic religion they were observed as “rulers of a distinctive religion,” but at the similar time their religious ideas were conceived to be “strongly influenced by philosophy,”.
  • The other definitions recorded by Gerhard Delling are as follows: possessors and users of spiritual knowledge and strength, magicians, and eventually deceivers and seducers.

Thus, these are the belief related to Magi.

facts about epiphany
Who is Magi in the Epiphany

Why Magi come to see Jesus?

But What is the fact behind the Magi come to see Jesus? They had the substance of a portentous nature (some have intimated that they perceived it from an eastern Jewish society, such as the one in Babylon) that enabled them to recognise the birth of the novel “king of the Jews” astronomically.They may have been particularly excited to get to see this king of the Jews since there was an expectation at the point that an earthly ruler would shortly evolve from Israel.

facts about epiphany
The three wise mans of epiphany

Ireland Epiphany

A fact that is worth understanding is followed in Ireland. In Ireland Epiphany is also seldom called ‘Nollaig na mean’ or Women’s Christmas. Usually, all the women get the day off, and men do the housework and food. This tradition of epiphany January 6 is the most favourite one of all the women. It is growing more prevalent, and several Irish women promptly get together on Sunday coming to Epiphany and have tea and bakery products. Though, its the best event for ladies

Chalk Signs

While in Austria, at Epiphany January 6, many people draft a particular sign in chalk across their frontal door. It’s a signal of the three Wise Men that attended the baby Jesus. It made from the year divided in two with initials of the names that are seldom given to ‘the three kings’, Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, in the centre. So 2018 becomes 20*C*M*B*18. The sign is intended to preserve the house for the following year.

what is epiphany ?
Epiphany January 6 the chalk sings

Roscón Cake

In Spain a trendy fact is followed on Epiphany morning, you sway to the regional bakers and get a personal cake called a ‘Roscón’. They are usually filled with cream or chocolate and are adorned with a paper head. There is frequently a figure of a king and a dry bean. In Catalonia, it’s grasped as a Tortell or Gâteau des Rois and thus it is packed with marzipan.

God descended

Epiphany January 6 is one of the most famous celebrations of the ritual year in many churches because it tells the church how God reaches to His people. We implied dead to sin, but God took action to appear to us by becoming one of us. The holiest and powerful God descended to take on the human body to expose His mercy to the world. So, this is the secret of the Epiphany of our Lord that is still a mystery.

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