Top 10 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas of 2019 To Surprise Anyone

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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas – Have you planned the coming Easter Sunday 2019 or still looking for creative and fun Easter egg hunt ideas?

Easter is a Christian holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. On Easter Sunday, we as Christians celebrate Jesus trial from death with Easter egg hunts and the Easter bunny.

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Easter eggs are the symbols of fertility and rebirth, closely related to Jesus’s resurrection. So what are you waiting for?

We are here for you to make your Easter holiday more fun and enjoy. Your kids will love to try our Easter egg hunt ideas 2019. There are a lot of unique Easter egg hunts as well as filling ideas for Easter. Adults can also set up Easter eggs to enjoy on Easter Sunday.

Top 10 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Easter egg hunt is only a fun tradition and doesn’t fulfill the purpose of Easter.

Every year, we celebrate Easter by playing with easter eggs by hiding Easter eggs all over the house. We fill the eggs with candies and sometimes coins as well. Afterward, kids find out the egg hunts and have fun.

Not only children but adults are also inclined to play with Easter eggs every year. To make your Easter holiday more fun, we have gathered around the top 10 Easter egg hunt ideas you will enjoy in your Easter party.

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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For All Ages

Do you want to try something unique this Easter? If yes, try these spring Easter egg hunt ideas for toddlers and adults.

1 – Candy Easter Egg Hunt:

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Let your kids fill Easter Eggs with pieces of paper which have decent rewards. Start and hide the Easter eggs.  The eggs, which your kids or toddlers find out, are their rewards. Add candies into the plastic eggs. Or you may also put other favorite items of your kids in the eggs.

You can also make this one of the most interesting Easter egg hunt ideas for adults by offering them bigger prizes.  Don’t forget to make Easter eggs cookies for your family to enjoy as an Easter dessert.

2 – Eggstravaganza Easter Egg:

It is one of the most interesting ideas for an Easter egg hunt. What you have to do is fill the Easter eggs with slips of sheet or paper with crazy tasks, i.e., sing a song like “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” or name five fruits which are yellow, or perform comedy acting.

When your kids or adults find eggs, they may fetch it to you and perform the task. Afterward, when they finish doing the tasks, they can either take coins or pick up any of their favorite candies.

If you really like this idea and want your kids to enjoy, try to put several different tasks for your older kids and set number of points for each task. You can write on a slip like a name ten fruits and get 10 points.

The players can keep their track of points to “purchase” something after each round of the game.

3 – Easter Egg Treasure:

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

In this game, you can add clues which send your older kids around the house looking for the next place where there is a new clue. For example, use your legs, move fast. You may also use printable treasure hunts available online.

Start by hiding the clues in Easter eggs and mark a number on each egg so that they don’t skip any of the eggs accidentally while searching. Offer bigger prizes for the clues at the end of the game.

4 – Easter Egg Golden Ticket:

Hide a golden ticket in each of the eggs for your kids. If you have two kids, put two golden tickets in two eggs for both of your kids. Let your kids know that they are to find one golden ticket for each of them.

When they find an easter egg golden ticket, they can instantly or at the end trade the ticket for a bigger surprise.

There is one thing you must consider that you shouldn’t put only one golden ticket for a group of kids, because it can create a dispute or mess among them. As in this situation, every other kid can claim that he is the one who saw the golden ticket easter egg hunt very first.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas Adults

Easter is not only for kids. Instead, adults can also enjoy this remarkable event with joy and glee. Now I will be telling you the ideas that adults can grab and enjoy.

5 – Easter Egg Relay Race Hunt:

Ask your kids to make teams. When you say ready, get set, go, every first kid from each team starts finding for an Easter egg.

Once they find out, they come back to you and ask the other teammate to continue their task. They keep repeating the task unless one team hasn’t found a specified number of eggs, i.e., 20 eggs for each team.

Kids can also enjoy playing this game but do make sure that understand their tasks clearly.

6 – Scavenger Hunt Easter Egg:

Make a list of different eggs that your kids are to find. Try to differ the eggs into a few categories. These categories are striped eggs, eggs with jelly beans and eggs with quarters inside, etc.

Once they have completed finding each egg on their list, you can offer them to trade it in for a special prize. The prizes may vary such as gift, $10, a movie, etc. It is a great easter egg idea for adults who don’t get happy with candies.

7 – Make Your Adventure Easter Egg Hunt:

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

It is as same as the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt defined above. You will make clues which will send your children to go around the house looking for the new clue. The main difference is that in this treasure hunt,  you will put two Easter eggs along with two different hints in each location you planned.

Kids are allowed to open both eggs; however, they will have to choose one of them to follow. Or if two kids are playing, both of them can select two different locations completely.

For example, one of your kid will follow one egg clue that leads him to the microwave while the other egg can lead him to the bathtub.

It can be a little complicated, but one of the more fun Easter egg hunt ideas for adults and kids as well.

8 – Over Turn the Easter Egg Hunt Roles:

What about reversing the roles this Easter Sunday? Let your kids decide what they want to have written on the slips of clues and put them in the Easter eggs.

When all of the eggs get filled, let them hide in their planned locations. Now have the parents find the eggs. The kids will get to keep the eggs which the parents are unable to find in a limited time.

9 – Easter Egg Scrambled Hunt:

Choose some special prizes and print them out with their names in bold and larger fonts.  For example, you can select any movie name, and print it on a sheet of paper.

Try to print each prize in different colors and afterward Cut out all letters carefully from the prizes. Fill an Easter egg with one letter in every egg which you hide.

Prepare a poster with the matching colorful blank spaces for every letter in each reward. This will help kids know the number of letters used in each prize.

Let your kids find the eggs unless they haven’t found all the letters of a specific color. They will have to unscramble the letters to win the bigger prize.

It’s up to you whether you want your kids to find out all of the letters or only 2 to 3. You may also change it with puzzle pieces. Let them search for the puzzle pieces instead of the letters.


10 – Colorful Patterns Egg Hunt:

Before starting the race, you need to purchase the eggs in specific colors, designs, and patterns. For example, pink polka dotted, striped or glittery.

Hide the Easter eggs and let them come up along with a pattern for the game. For example, you can ask them to find eggs in the specific order of the rainbow colors (red-orange- yellow-blue-green-violet).

When they find any of the eggs, they are to fetch the egg and then go back for searching the other ones. Once they have completed finding all of the Easter eggs in the correct pattern, you will give them a reward at the end.


Make your Easter more fun by trying our Easter egg hunt ideas 2019. Don’t forget to pin these ideas for later,  Enjoy Easter egg hunts with your family and spouse. Happy Easter!

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