Christmas Quotes | Best Merry Christmas Quotes of All Time

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Christmas Quotes Best Merry Christmas Quotes of All Time

Christmas Quotes – There are various festivals and days of commemoration celebrated around the globe. Christmas is also one of these festivals. Inspiring and heart touching Christmas quotes are read and thoroughly enjoyed by all the Christians since these merry Christmas and funny Christmas quotes adds more to their joy. The joyous and delightful day of Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December everywhere by every Christian. They read each other’s quotes related to Christmas especially the vacation quotes related to Christmas. People enjoy Quotes related to friends, family, Christmas movies, Christmas quotes that are funny. Various movie Christmas quotes such as national Lampoon Christmas quotes, nightmare before Christmas, short story Christmas quotes, Christmas story quotes are truly heartwarming. They also send fascinating Christmas cards with Merry Christmas and joy spreading Christmas quotes imprinted on them with gifts to their friends, family members and relatives who are away from them to keep the spirit of the Christmas alive. What makes Christmas even better and more entertaining is a set of words, some sentences that can totally depict your inner emotions. Christmas quotes for friends, Christmas quotes for family, Quotes from movies, all of these make Christmas all the more special.

Christmas Quotes for All

We have enlisted below a set of some beautiful Christmas quotations that will make you fall in love with this jubilant festival. These Christmas quotes are not just quotes but these are words full of love. Quotes that come straight from the heart.

Christmas is about doing something a little more than usual for someone to make their day even more special”.

My perception of Christmas whether orthodox or new is very simple and easy to understand. That is loving others. If we think deeply about it, why should we have to wait for Christmas to do that”.

“On Christmas, people lose money before they lose friends”.

“The best thing about Christmas is that it is mandatory for every individual and we all have to be together in this like we have to go through a hailstorm together”.

“Christmas is that obligation which reminds us that we are not just here for ourselves but for others too”.

“Christmas keeps us all together like glue keeps things stick together”.

“Humanity is best exhibited at Christmas”

 “Mankind is a joyful, an immensely close family. This is proved by the feelings which we have in our hearts for each other at Christmas.”

Christmas Quotes Best Merry Christmas Quotes of All Time
Christmas Quotes Best Merry Christmas Quotes of All Time

“’I am gonna be here, forever with you, to keep you safe. To help you through your tough times, to love you unconditionally through every thick and thin, to love you not only on your bad days but also during your good days. To keep you full of merriment.’ It was a promise that every elf made to himself but never had to say. There was no prompt. At a certain time, two elves of almost the same name would meet and greet each other. Then one would say the oath, simply because they felt that they owed it to each other. It was more than just a mere promise; it was a feeling. A feeling every single elf was born with.”

“Christmas is, definitely, the time to be at peace and at home not just  in the heart but in the body as well.”

“Of all the gifts, love is the greatest gift so do not forget to show each other love this Christmas.

“Christmas is on the way, so smile, be happy and be gay.
Brighten up your day, Let it lighten up your day
Merry Christmas!

“I think the more you grow with the passage of time the shorter your Christmas list becomes because the things you actually crave cannot be bought”

Christmas Quotes for Friends

Friends and family make everything worthwhile. A list of quotes for your loved ones is given below. Read these out to them or send them to make their day even more special.  Quotes which you write for friends are not just quotes but these are messages that encompass all the love in the world. So do not take them as mere Christmas quotes enlisted for some friends.

“You being present has to be my best Christmas present”.

“Never a Christmas morning. Never the old year ends. But somebody thinks of somebody. Old days old times old friends”.

 “It’s not what’s under the tree that matters. It’s what around it does.”

The best ever thing about Christmas is that you can make certain people forget all about the past with the present.”


Christmas Quotes Best Merry Christmas Quotes of All Time
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Funny Christmas Quotes

Some humor to lighten up and brighten up your special festival even more. Some funny Christmas quotes that will surely bring a smile on your face.

“Hey!, Be good to me, or I will text Santa. ”

“Don’t worry if a fat man comes to carry you in his sack any time soon. This year I wished for u on Christmas.”

“Don’t blame the Christmas holidays, you were fat in July too”.

 “For every 10 years old there is nothing as mean as giving the kid something useful for Christmas.”

“I love Christmas. I receive a lot of wonderful presents I can’t wait to exchange.”

Christmas Quotes Best Merry Christmas Quotes of All Time
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Inspiring Christmas Quotes

Some words make their way straight to your heart. This is how our inspiring quotes will mesmerize you.  Christmas quotes that will not just warm up your heart but also reside in your soul

“Christmas is a day not just for celebration but to remember the needy in our merriment too. Make God make you rich in both.”

“Christmas holds time together and brings people closer.”

“Christmas day spreads magic that never ends. Brings together all family and friends”

“Every day in which you let God love people through you (by helping them out) is like Christmas.”

“Christmas in the heart is what puts Christmas in the air.”

“The real spirit of Christmas is to cherish the people around you.”

“Christmas not only brings you inner joy but it also brings you light and peace. Christmas bliss makes you feel like you are in heaven.”

“This world is like an evil inn where there is no room for Christ and yet he comes uninvited to spread love and joy.”

Christmas Quotes
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Merry Christmas Quotes

What even is a Christmas without Christmas carols, jingles and a gleeful wish of Merry Christmas for everyone.

“Friends like you make the sun shine brighter. Merry Christmas.”

“May joys of this season fill your heart with goodwill and cheers. Merry Christmas”.


Christmas Quote
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Christmas Vacations Quotes

Probably one of the best things about Christmas is vacations. Everyone has ample time to spend with their loved ones and read the Christmas vacations quotes for each other. How truly happening.

“I seriously don’t know much to say, but you must agree that it’s Christmas and we’re all in painful misery.”

“We are surely about to have the hap- hap- happiest Christmas.”


Christmas Quotes
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National Lampoon Christmas Vacation

The National Lampoon Christmas quotes will have you laugh till you cry.

“Rather than a Christmas, I would like to have my boss Mr Shirley for Christmas here tonight. It would make my evening more delighted than ever…Huh?! What say, guys??”

“Excuse me!! Are you leaving? Nobody is gonna leave. Nobody can walk out of this funny situation. I like it this way. As an old-fashioned and traditional family Christmas.”

“It’s Aunty Bethany’s 80th Christmas. I think she should be the one leading us and not just in a normal way but in a way Grace Clark does.”

“Merry Christmas wo-hoo. Merry Christmas wo-hoo. You can kiss my ass or you could kiss his ass or you could kiss your ass. Happy Hanukkah.”

Christmas Quotes Best Merry Christmas Quotes of All Time
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“Not sure what to say except that how miserable we are even on Christmas. Sigh.”

“Merry Christmas to you. Merry Christmas to you. Shitter was full.”

“The most memorable and enjoyable events occurring in a family also comprise of the traditional events and all of their rituals. Christmas in all its glory is one of such events that stands out significantly and is memorable and joyous for everyone.”

“We are celebrating Christmas in a new way, getting rid of all the old orthodox traditions.”

“Remember when I get you all worried about the Christmas bonuses.”

“If the turkey tastes even half as good as it appears to be we are all getting an actual treat.”

Nightmare Before Christmas

“I cannot believe something I haven’t seen for myself.”

“Can not believe something which I did not see.”

“Guess what I am here to fix? Christmas. Of course Christmas it is. I am Santa Claus after all. ”

“Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. What is your name though?”

“Me? On a vacation? On the day of Christmas? You got to be kidding me”


Christmas Quotes Best Merry Christmas Quotes of All Time
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Christmas Movie Quotes

“Seeing may be Believing, But Sometimes nothing is more real than the things in this World which We Cannot see”

“There’s a different type of magic that encompasses everything when it is the t Very First Snow. For When The First Snow Is Also A Christmas Snow.”

“That is exactly what helps make Christmas Memories, We do not plan them, We do not Schedule them, They Just sort off Happen”

“If u want to spend Christmas the Best possible way and you want to spread love, happiness and Christmas cheer everywhere then you should sing the Christmas carol loud enough for everyone to hear.”

“OK, so for me, this is extremely inevitable. Will you please ask Santa on my behalf that instead of all the gifts this year just give me my family back?”

“Oh but people who think that Christmas is just a day should know that is Isn’t, It’s a lot more than that. It’s a frame of mind.”

“Christmas is everyone’s most favorite time of the year. I always thought of it as my own personal holiday.”

“Christmas is a day which I shall honor every day in my heart, I try to keep this feeling of immense love and pleasure intact in my heart throughout the year.”


Christmas Quotes Best Merry Christmas Quotes of All Time
Funny Christmas Quote

A Short Story Christmas Quotes

“On the Christmas eve a magic wand is waved and everyone’s worries wash away.”

“Christmas is that day on which love comes down to earth, not most of you know that it is a gift of infinite worth

The festivity and celebration of Christmas continue to shower its blessings on the people who believe from their heart.

“It is not something that you could buy from a store. Christmas !! It definitely means a little more.”

It’s Christmas have fun, enjoy and make good cheer, Remember that Christmas comes once a year!”.

“Christmas is not just about exchanging presents. It’s about spreading love and harmony.”

“Christmas is a lot more than just a festival. It’s a sensation and a feeling that comes straight from the heart.”

Love and harmony into the world, on this special occasion of Christmas day. May hearts be open to the love this day brings, and the family it gathers from near and far. Wishing you a truly blessed Christmas!.

Christmas is a time for family, relatives, friends and everyone that is close to your heart to gather around and share in the wonderment of this auspicious day. May your Christmas be magical and full of love and joy. May you be showered with innumerable blessings and Oh! Gifts too.

Christmas Quotes Best Merry Christmas Quotes of All Time
Cool Christmas Quote

Christmas Story Quotes

” I still remember that In the heat of battle, my father a brave brave warrior wove a tapestry of obscenity.

“Over the years I got to be quite a connoisseur of soap. My personal preference was for Lux, I found that Palmolive had a nice, piquant after-dinner flavor – heady, but with a touch of mellow smoothness. Lifebuoy, on the other hand..

“Some men who we know are Baptists by hearts, while others are Catholics. While my father was a mere Christmas lover by heart.”

“Look at the little fella…Woah he totally looks like an endangered or maybe a deranged Easter Bunny.”

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