About us

Our website basically wants to provide you with an unlimited source of information regarding various happenings around us. Who doesn’t want to stay updated regarding various events in order to never miss out on any opportunity and any sort of latest information. Our team is very much dedicated and devoted to providing our users with the very best of all sorts of information. The website basically comprises of three sections

  • Past events
  • Current Events
  • Upcoming Events

Unlike most websites, we do not function on the basis of rumors. What we mean to say is that we make sure that the information provided by us through our various posts is 100% authentic. We want that our posts are clear, concise and understandable for our readers. The section of past events comprises of all the events that have occurred in the past. Reading about them would prove beneficial for you in case you want to plan some new events of your own. Past ideas can be implemented with innovations while you are planning new things, keeping this in mind we decided to create this section. The current events section consists of all the information about the latest events occurring on the particular day you check the website. This is to ensure you do not miss out on anything and are able to attend the events of your choice. Our team is very concerned about our readers and is very much devoted to creating something that in every way proves helpful to the users. The Upcoming events section keeps you aware and notified of all the events that are about to occur. Just so you can easily plan to attend these events based on your schedule.

The information we mean to provide shall contain every little piece of information related to the events including the activities, rituals taking place during the events as well as their timings and everything else that would be relevant. Various posts including recipes, games etc that you require to read during the event. The website shall prove to be a complete channel of information.