A Complete Guide To Easter Lily Plant Growth- Tips For Easter Lily Care

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Easter Lily is a white and trumpet-shaped flower, rapidly been popular for its pleasant fragrance and attractive blooms.

Easter lily symbolizes purity and hope during the Easter season. Christians buy these lilies as potted plants, to use as welcome gifts as well as attractive and decent holiday decorations.

If you have got Easter lilies, it is more likely that the Easter flower was grown by one of the growers, mostly in Oregon and California. These are the areas known as ‘Easter Lily Capital of the World.’ Around 11.5 million Eater Lilies are grown and sold annually produce in these areas.

The lily plant has a life of only a few weeks indoors, however, planting Easter lilies outdoor after it gets a bloom, allows you to keep enjoying the Easter lily plant long after the Easter season.

This flower can grow up to more than two feet tall while it can blossom from the month of April to June, that makes it perfect for the Easter Sunday.

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Let’s explore more about how to plant and take care of Easter lilies outside the home or church.

How to Plant Easter Lily:

a guide to easter lily growth

Place the Easter lily plant near a bright and open window:

To make your plant grow more quickly, you should plant lily near an open window but make sure that it doesn’t get the direct rays of the sun. As the direct sun rays can affect the plant badly.

Keep Average temperature:

Easter lily flower can grow best under a cool temperature which must be between 65 and 75 F.

Water the plant daily:

Plants need water more often so that its soil remains lightly moist. For this purpose, you can use a liquid houseplant fertilizer two to three times a month.

Clip out the flower:

Once each blossom starts fading, you should clip out the flower stem. When all of the blossoms are faded, you can transplant Easter lily outdoors.

Selection of soil:

The plants survive in any type of soil; however heavy clay can be harmful to these plants. Amend soils can drain slowly with peat or compost moss.

Choose a suitable location:

Choose the location with morning sun, full sun or afternoon shade. You must keep in mind that Easter lilies can grow only 3 feet tall.

Dig a hole for planting:

Dig a deep hole for planting which must be wide enough for the roots as well as deep enough so that when the plant gets fixed in its place, you can hide the bulb along with 3 inches of moist soil.

Set the plant:

Place the plant in the hole and start filling in with soil around the bulb and roots. Squeeze out air pocket by pressing the soil with your hands. Water the plant deeply and slowly. Manage Space among Easter lilies of 12 to 18 inches apart.

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Tips for Easter Lily Care:

Easter lilies are used in many arrangements on this special season of Christianity so it’s better to know some useful tips for Easter lily care. We hope that it will really help you when planting Trumpet Lily.

  • You should choose a healthy plant which isn’t in its full bloom with tight buds. Pick the plant which is rich in green leaves. Check if there are symptoms of disease or pests.
  • Moreover, the plant should be of the length of its pot. If it is growing taller, there is a chance that the plant is outgrowing and can be stressed.
  • Unwrap all of the decorative bows or foil from the plant. They can cause drainage. Check the container of the plant if it has good drainage. You must re-pot if needed.
  • Place your Easter lily plant in bright; however, it shouldn’t get the direct sunlight. Try to avoid heat sources like fireplaces, vents, and heaters.
  • A humid environment can be best for Easter lily.
  • Remove the extra yellow anthers from the plants as it makes the plant and flower long lasting.
  • Easter lilies grow best under cold temperatures, between 15-20 degrees C. If you want long-lasting blooms, you should move the plant to a cool place at night, such as a basement.
  • Water the plant only when the soil seems dry to the base.
  • Remove the grown flowers when they fade. It will promote new flowers growth.

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What Easter Lilies Represent:

Christianity And Easter Lily:

Easter Lily is of great importance for Christians as it is a symbol of Christ Jesus’s resurrection. The Bible also gives reference to Easter lilies.

Christians celebrate this tradition in their churches around Easter Sunday, and they decorate their crosses, altars as well as beautiful white lilies.

Paganism And Easter Lily:

Easter Lily flower is also related to motherhood; that’s why we consider it as an awesome Mother’s Day gift. It will show her love and appreciation which she wants.

It is a common belief that they have been sprung from the mother’s milk which fell from Hera, who is the goddess of women according to Greek mythology. These beautiful Easter lilies are the symbols of purity.

Varieties of Easter Lily flower (Trumpet Lily)

Easter lily care tips

  • L. longiflorum – White Heaven is known as a pure and beautiful white lily flower which can grow up to 2 to 3 feet high along with the 7-inch long flower.
  • L. longiflorum – Nellie White is another type of lily, which mostly grows in a moist climate. Mostly local growers sell Easter lilies for trade.
  • Deliana is a type of creamy yellow Easter lily flower.
  • L. longiflorum – the Elegant Lady, has pleasant pink flowers. It is also called a pink lily flower.
  • L. langiflorum – Trimphator grows with white flowers having rosy pink centers.
  • L. langiflorum – White Elegance grows with pure and small white flowers.

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Toxicity of Easter Lily 

 L. longiflorum (Easter Trumpet Lily) can be harmful to cats as well as become the cause of kidney failure. Even licking the upper surface of the Easter lily can cause major illness to a cat.

Common Problems

Trumpet Easter lilies don’t have serious diseases and pests, however, aphids can seldom appear. You can rinse off Aphids by spraying with water. Or you can also treat it with a block of insecticidal soap. You can cover the bulbs with wire baskets or wire mesh when planting Easter lilies.

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