50 Best Happy Easter Quotes of 2019 – Easter Greetings And Wishes

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Happy Easter Quotes – Easter is the major celebration of Christianity. It reminds us of the resurrection of Christ Jesus. Easter falls on Sunday right after Good Friday. It is the day when Christ Jesus rose from death. Our collection of Happy Easter quotes tells us the beauty and power of the Resurrection of Jesus.

Top 50 Happy Easter Quotes of 2019

Easter Sunday is just coming around and Christians are going to celebrate with a great feast full of delicious Easter desserts. On this Easter Sunday, they play interesting games like Easter egg hunt and sing Easter songs in Church together as a Christ family. They wish their friends and family a Happy Easter on this Holy event of Easter. Check out our list of top 50 Easter Quotes below:

Best Happy Easter Quotes for Family:

1. “I still have a strong belief in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and true love. You don’t even try to tell me a little different.”

2. “The very first thing Easter taught us is that “life never ends permanently and love never dies permanently.”

3. “Christ Jesus (Lord) rose on Easter Sunday, sons of men and angels say. Increase your joys and triumphs high; Sing, ye heavens and earth definitely reply.”

4. “To plant a lily is to have faith in tomorrow.”

5. “Our Lord, Jesus Christ has made the promise of resurrection, not only in books but also in every leaf of springtime.”

6. “The beautiful gift of Easter to give is hope.”

7. “No winter season lasts forever; no spring season skips its turn.”

8. “Easter is the symbol of renewal, hope, and a new life.”

9. “We remember it is only Easter Morn and love and life and peace are all newborn.”

10. “If there was no Easter Sunday, there would not be Christmas.”

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Best Happy Easter Quotes For Friends

11. “Blessed are the people who have not seen and have believed yet.”

12. “Easter is the only right time of a year when it is secure to put all of your eggs in one basket.”

14. “Egg hunts proved that your kids can search for the things they really want.”

15. “A true friend is one who still thinks you’re a good egg, even when you’re cracked.”

16. “Easter speaks about beauty, the beauty of new life.”

17. “Golf is the new adult style of an Easter Egg Hunt.”

18. “You can pick up all of the beautiful flowers but you can never cease spring from coming.”

19. “The Easter eggs are the symbols of our ability to cut down all the hardships, we’ve encircled ourselves with protective shells that limit our beliefs and thoughts. As we open our hearts and minds we find a transformation to some life-enhancing beliefs and thoughts.”

20. “True silence is actually the second name of the rest of the mind and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, refreshment and nourishment.”

Best Happy Easter Quotes And Wishes

21. “The Lord, Jesus Christ has risen from death indeed, and has seen to Simon!”

22. “May you have the joy of the presence of Christ Jesus. God has risen to shower his blessings on us this Easter Sunday. And we pray that the love of God is reborn, resurrected, and renewed in your heart. Happy Easter!”

23. “The whole idea for the future gives its key in the resurrection.”

24. “Be grateful because Jesus Christ offered us another option to be a good person. His death removed our sins.”

25. “He had a death in victory, and Jesus Christ will never let us cry.”

26. “One of the best things about Easter Sunday is being with good friends and family. Happy Easter!”

27. “As for me, we know that my Redeemer still lives, and at the last, He will take a step on the earth.”

28. “Enjoy this Easter with a heart blessed with peace and love. Have a wonderful Easter!”

29. “Jesus told her that he was the resurrection as well as life. One who believes in me, although he dies, yet he will live, and everyone who is still alive and has belief in me will never die.”

30. “Easter is a holiday of joy and peace. If we start emerging from our cocoon of doubt to fly openly on the wings of faith. We wish you a very happy Easter!”

Top Happy Easter Quotes For Your Loved Ones

31. “Now on Easter Sunday, Mary Magdalene arrived at the tomb early, when it was dark, and he saw that the stone was taken away from the tomb.”

32. “The Easter story reveals the story of Lord’s beautiful window of amazing surprise.”

33. “For this end, as Christ Jesus died and then lived again, that he may be God both of the death as well as of the living.”

34. “May this event of Easter bring much happiness into your family. We hope that it is the beginning of a new start for your success.”

35. “Easter is the holiday to bring happiness and joy that Jesus Christ has brought into our lives and to everyone we meet on this Sunday. Wish you a happy Easter.”

36. “Luke is associated with John and Peter in Acts, even after Jesus’s Resurrection, which strange boldness was come upon the disciples.”

37. “We wish that this Easter brings unlimited luck, love, and joy which last for the rest of your life.”

38. “The resurrection reveals a truth that is by no means mentioned legibly for all of the men on the face of nature.”

39. “It speaks about the spirit which is higher than the material; that in this whole world, spirit counts.”

40. “Let the entire universe feel the happy lay, the hills and vales are broken forth in singing, Jesus Christ, the God of Life, has risen today.”

Happy Easter Quotes And Messages of 2019

41. “May God forgive all of our sins and have mercy upon us. Have a Happy Easter celebration.”

42. “Earth’s gladdest day and saddest day were only three days apart!”

43.  “I was a little hoarse that night. I had been living in Chicago for the two months, and you know how it was, asking for help on the way home each night. Things are so difficult in Chicago which at Easter time, for bunnies the children use porcupines.”

44. “Do not allow yourself to despair. We are the Christian people and hallelujah is our Easter song.”

45. “EASTER has been postponed because they got the BODY.”

46. “Easter is when peace and hope in person astonished the entire universe by coming forward from the coming future into the present.”

47. “Easter doesn’t need to be deserved ever.”

48. “Easter Sunday is all about Family, Friends, Faith and Fish. So celebrate with joy and peace.”

49. “To have a strong belief in the story of Easter is to have faith that a wall is no more than a door in any disguise.”

50. “To the Christian family, Easter Sunday means a lot, when they celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection.”

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